5 Smart Ways to Use Business Videos on your Website

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Any company can benefit from using a business video on their website or social media.   However, many owners think their business video needs to go viral or be a Hollywood production to be effective. The sad thing is entrepreneurs miss opportunities to engage with their audience by publishing a simple business video. Here are 5 ways to use video in your business.

Create a short value proposition video for your website.

People need to know why they should buy from you.  So tell them with a business video. Your value proposition is a compelling reason why your business is the better than the rest.  In Michael Skok’s article  4 Steps To Building A Compelling Value Proposition Skok provides clear guidance on how to craft a compelling value proposition. The most powerful way to do this is for you to be in front of the camera telling people why they should do business with you.

Use video to train new staff.

Show and tell is the best way to train staff. But, not every topic is suited for a business training video.  The most impactful business training videos are reserved for important, and or complex topics.  Business training videos done properly are extremely effective because employees learn quickly and fewer mistakes are made.  Here is a great article from iSpring, 6 Tips to Create Engaging Training Videos.

Use quick video tutorials to help clients understand complex topics.

Using video to explain complex ideas or processes helps people understand what you do, or how something is done. For example, we helped a personal injury lawyer develop short explainer videos on the filing process of a personal injury claim.  The video was powerful because people knew what to expect, and that made things go smoothly.

Use video to bring testimonials to life.

It’s better to have other people praise you than to praise yourself.  Having written testimonials are good.  But having a sincere video testimonial is powerful.  People are willing to say a few kind words on camera when your product or service is great! So ask your best customers to help you with a simple video testimonial.  The added bonus is that people watching the video testimonial feel like it’s a friend telling them about a good deal, even though it’s a stranger!  WOW!

Use video to make yourself more visible in search engines.

Google loves video because they own YouTube.  That’s why Google’s search algorithm prioritizes video.   Therefore using business videos will improve your SEO rank.  Making a great video is the first step, the second step is to post your video so that it will be easily processed by Google.  Check out this great article to get you started: 12 video SEO tips to help improve your search rankings

Using video is easier than ever, just grab your phone and start recording.