Hands Down the BEST $5.00 investment you can make for your Business!  If you are using video to promote your business, using a logo animation is  MANDATORY.

Now you can professional brand your videos with exciting logo introductions just like the best video marketers in the world…for only $5.00!

step 1

Click the Buy Now Button below the animation you want.

step 2

Upload your Hi-RES .png logo file with at least 2500 px wide.

step 3

Finalize your purchase. We will deliver the final version to you in 24 hrs or less!

Abstract Floral

Abstract floral is a beautiful animation that blossoms to reveal your company logo.

Abstract Technology

Abstract technology displays an analog animation that tilts to reveal your company logo.

Abstract Liquid

The abstract liquid animation could easily be called lava lamp. The floating morphing liquid transforms to reveal your logo.

Alien Tube

The alien tube animation appears as a metallic particle that changes into a charged tube that contains your logo.

Ball Fracture

The ball fracture animation is a metallic ball that begins fracturing showing internal color. The ball then breaks away to reveal your logo.

Black Hole

The black hole appears with a flash formation with a colorful corona. The black hole fade reveals your logo in its center.

Black Wind

The black wind animation begins with your fragmented logo swirling into a full logo in the center of the frame.

Black Sphere

The black sphere animation is a black and white animation the begins with the pooling of smaller black spheres that collect to form a large sphere. The large black sphere rises and morphs into a color sphere that reveals your logo.

Book Animation

The book animation swirls and spins and opens up to reveal your logo, along with email and website information.

Bouncing Balls

Bouncing balls is a congregation of colorful balls that move and bounce to exciting sound effects that reveals your logo.

Breakthrough Girl

The breakthrough girl can’t be stopped; she smashes through a wall to reveal your logo.

Breakthrough Guy

The breakthrough guy will not be stopped. The breakthrough guy is just like your business, unstoppable.

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